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Thursday Thoughts: The motivation behind Everything

thursday thoughts Mar 25, 2024

There is only one reason you do or don't do something


Creating or Avoiding Feelings: The Motivation Behind Everything


You do things because you think by DOING you will FEEL a certain way.


You don't do something because you DON'T want to feel something.


You have it backward.

In order to get our goals the FEELING comes first not the DOING.


We all have one goal: to create or avoid a certain feeling.


Our motivation behind every decision is based on this, and our actions are determined by what emotion we want to experience or avoid.


So ask yourself: what feeling am I trying to create in my life?


Awaken Actionable Item:

  1. Decide on ONE feeling you think you would have if you accomplished your big goal.
  2. Everyday find time to feel that feeling and lean in.


Soon enough that feeling will motivate you to easily create the change you want in your life.

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