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You are not alone in wanting a transformation. Our community is here to support you along the way. We would be honored to let us be part of your journey. 


Here's what our members are saying about Awaken Transformation. 


I'm Ready to Join the Journey!

"I have loved my experience with Awaken Transformation. Jenna is full of knowledge and provides the tools and content needed to succeed.  I’ve gained a greater appreciation and love for myself."



“Jenna's insightful and direct coaching allowed me to unravel a 7-year food battle. 

I was blown away by her openness that allowed me to discover what was getting in my way of a healthy relationship with food and myself. I cannot recommend her enough.”


"This program is designed to guide you back to YOU. Jenna is a phenomenal guide and for a  small amount of money and time Awaken Transformation improved my whole life- myself, my work and my family life." 

Mary Laura


"Often in Jenna's coaching I feel like she's speaking directly to me It's been an aw-ha for me to realize much of what I struggle with personally are human struggles and I am not alone." 



"Awaken Transformation is for everyone! It is an amazing gift to uncover thoughts behind eating. I now understand how to identify  and work with my brain."-


"I gained a new trust in myself to make decisions that carry me to a healthier version of myself."  



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