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We know that life is busy and before you know it, you're just trying to keep your head above water. Awaken Transformation's goal is to give you sustainable tools to get the most out of life. Whether it's finding confidence in your body, goal getting, or handling daily overwhelm, Awaken Transformation is here to change your life. Feel better, look better, and enjoy life again.

I'm Ready to Transform

Do you dream of who you want to become?

Let's make your dreams a reality.

I'll give you the tools & support to create a strong foundation for enduring transformation that is rooted in love & self-confidence.  

Transform with Jenna

Ready to dive right in?

Or maybe you just dip your toes, or check out what we have to offer.  We have a few options to help you get started on whatever it is you're ready for. We are confident you'll find something that works for you and that you'll be back for more. 

Jenna's Guide to Self Love

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Level up your life with personalized coaching.

Get one-on-one time with Jenna Hansen, certified mindfulness coach. Learn to notice your thoughts and feelings, change your habits, and shape your future. 

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 Awaken Transformation guarantees lasting success in achieving your ideal life. 

It all starts with our brain, no matter our desires and goals. By retraining your brain and creating a new mindset you will learn how achieving your goals can actually be easy, fun, and fulfilling. You will get the tools and support in my program to create a strong foundation that you will be able to build your ideal life upon. Self-confidence, self-trust, peace and ease, and a vibrant love for yourself and your life are what you will feel.

Here's what you can expect each week when you join Awaken Transformation: 


Live weekly coaching with me,  Jenna Hansen. I'm a Certified Life Coach and I've been in the health industry for over two decades. I will help you define your transformation goals and the actionable steps to achieve them. You are not alone in your struggles! 

Start your transformation!


As a member of Awaken Transformations, you will have access to a virtual library with hundreds of home-based workouts that are inclusive, motivating, and instructive. Our renowned instructors cover a variety of classes including yoga classes, mat & equipment pilates, circuit and strength classes, meditations, and more! Most classes don't need any special equipment, just your phone or laptop. Whatever your fitness goals are, we've got you covered! 


Start your transformation!


We'll have a new guiding principle to help you with your transformation each week. You'll get a worksheet with actionable steps and writing prompts to reflect on your journey. 

Start your transformation!


You are not alone! Many women have gone through similar struggles, and even more women like you can be successful in their transformations. We are here to support you & cheer you on. 

Start your transformation!

Nice to meet you!

Hi! I’m Jenna, a Certified Life Coach and Personal Trainer. I have worked with clients for over two decades to achieve their fitness goals. After helping hundreds of people achieve their goals, I quickly realized that reaching goals alone wasn't enough to create lasting happiness.

I created Awaken Transformation as a way to help people craft a self-love mindset that can carry them through true, lasting transformation. Achieving and maintaining goals will be a happy side-effect.

More about me

Awaken Transformation members get unlimited access to all of my workouts and coaching. It's the best way to create lasting change in your life. You deserve to dream big - start your transformation today!


Awaken Transformation 10-Week Program


  • Live coaching sessions
  • New weekly workouts
  • Strength & endurance assessments 
  • Goal workshop
  • Community support 
  • Reflection prompts 
  • Worksheets & printables to help you along the way
  • My personal guarantee, you can opt-out at any time
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I can't thank you enough. You changed my life forever for the better. 

- Carrie

"Jenna's insightful and direct coaching allowed me to unravel a 7-year food battle.

I was blown away by her openness that allowed me to discover what was getting in my way of a healthy relationship with food and myself. I cannot recommend her enough."

- Julia

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