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Awaken Transformation is here to change your life by reframing your brain around healthy habits. 

Whether it's finding confidence in your body, goal-getting, or handling daily overwhelm.

This is what I want for you. You deserve to change your life. To feel ease and confidence around food, in any outfit, and be confident that NEVER again will you need another diet or program.

I'll teach you to get your goals in a simple, straightforward forward, and easy way. It's your time.

"This program is designed to guide you back to YOU."

- Mary Laura, Awaken Transformation Member

What You'll Get When You Join Awaken Transformation...


Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls. This is where the gold is. It provides a space to learn, connect, get coached on your roadblocks and have plenty of lightbulb moments.

On-Demand Replays. You never need to attend a call live. (In fact, 50% of our members don't attend live). They love the flexibility of recorded calls because they can listen to as little or as much of the content as they want.

Instant access to ALL Awaken Transformation Courses. Get our full library of courses! Through short and easy lessons, gain tools and step-by-step guidance to achieving your goals. Courses include:

  • Weightloss: True, Lasting Change. Get the tools lose weight AND transform your lasting relationship to yourself and food.
  • Break Your Cycles and Get Unstuck. Learn to choose long term success by making your daily decisions easy and doable.
  • Retrain Your Brain, Handling the Holidays, & all future courses!

Our Private Marco Polo Sharecast Community. Achieving goals is harder when you're alone. This is a place where you can ask questions, get answers and find tips to keep you motivated.

Awaken at Home. Enjoy our exclusive Virtual library of hundreds of workouts. from yoga, meditation, pilates, strength training, dance, stretching and MORE! 

Custom Awaken Transformation Daily Journal. Finally, a journal that asks the right questions and helps you stay on track and show up as your best self! Every member receives a digital copy to use when they join.

The New Member Quick-Start Guide. You'll know exactly how to get started in less than 15 minutes.

What Others Are Saying About Awaken Transformation... 

"It's for everyone and anyone."

"This is a program designed to guide you back to YOU...  Jenna is a phenomenal guide (get coached!). And possibly the best part is that this relatively small commitment of time and effort is showing up in impressively large life improvements - family, work, and self!"

- Mary Laura

“Jenna's insightful and direct coaching allowed me to unravel a 7-year food battle."

"I was blown away by her openness that allowed me to discover what was getting in my way of a healthy relationship with food and myself. I cannot recommend her enough.”

- Julia

"I’ve gained a greater appreciation
and love for myself."

"I have loved my experience with Awaken Transformation. Jenna is full of knowledge and provides the tools and content needed to succeed."

- Leslie

Ready to Join Awaken Transformation? 

True, lasting change is waiting for you!


Is a Membership Not Right for You?
Our Habit Programs are a Great Solution!

Weight Loss Courses

Change your relationship with food, your body, and your self worth, and start feeling confident in your body and mind.


Goalgetting Programs

Break old habits, make lasting change, and get "unstuck".

1:1 or Group Coaching

Changing your life both mentally and physically is a personal journey and sometimes you need a personal space to become your best self. Habit coach Jenna Hansen offers personalized coaching sessions - whether you are looking for 1:1 coaching, group coaching, business coaching, or family coaching.


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