• What is Awaken Transformation? Awaken Transformation is an online program you can access through your phone, computer, or tablet.
  • What is included in the program? Awaken Transformation gives you a weekly practice to center your week around to help you in your transformation. This practice is supported by new weekly workouts; physical and strength assessments and trackers; custom worksheets for reflections, prompts, and goal setting; live, weekly, group coaching calls; and access to our online community.  
  • What should I expect? Plan on about 30 minutes for two to three days a week to get through your workouts and worksheets. The more time you’re willing to invest in Awaken Transformation, the more you’ll get from it. If you signed up for our group coaching, plan on about an additional hour a week. The exact dates and times for coaching calls will be sent to you when you sign up for the program. See what others have had to say about Awaken Transformation. 
  • How long is Awaken Transformation? Our program is 10-weeks long and you will get new content every week. You will have access to all of your content throughout the program if you ever want to go back and revisit anything, including workouts. 
  • Is this a diet plan? Awaken Transformation is not a diet. We will cover intuitive eating concepts to help anyone who may be struggling from the failures of the diet industry. 
  • How much and how long is Awaken Transformation? Awaken Transformation is a 10-week program that is about $40 a week with coaching. You can see our current prices here.
  • Are you an Awaken Transformation Member? You can find detailed FAQs here
  • Anything we didn't cover? Please send us an email at [email protected], we'd love to help!