Here are some answers to many questions Awaken Transformation members ask including a quick video walk-through of what to expect the first time you login to Awaken Transformation. 


  • I just purchased Awaken Transformation, now what? Login using this link. You can also check your email for instructions. 
  • Help! How can I access my account? If you forgot our password, you can get a new one here.  
  • I missed a coaching session, where can I see it? All of our live coaching sessions will be recorded. You can access them in your Awaken Transformation account under Awaken Transformation Coaching. Here, you'll find all recordings as well as our schedule and links to access the coaching sessions. 
  • How do I download and print a worksheet? Most computers will let you download our content by simply clicking on it and it will autosave to the default location you set up on your computer. Protip: you can also right-click on the content to select the location you want the content to be downloaded on your computer. Once you download it, you can print it. 
  • I’m going to miss a week, can I still get the content? One of the best parts of Awaken Transformation is you can access it anywhere, any time. If you miss a week or want to go back to revisit the content, it'll be available to you. 
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